Santorini Port

Created by the volcano erruption in 1650 B.C., Santorini's Cruise Port port of call is located at the bottom of the Caldera Cliffs in Fira, the capital of Santorini.

The port of call doesn't have a cruise terminal. Instead, visitors are tendered ashore by small boats.

During high season the island hosts about 80,000 visitors per day, and there can be as many as five cruise ships arriving in the same morning, making the port one of the most crowded ports of the world.

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Information for cruise ship passengers

Where cruise ships dock:

The main ferry port of Santorini, called Athinios, cannot accommodate large vessels, so most cruise ships either put down anchor in the caldera, just below Fira, or 1 - 2 miles away from the old port.

Transfer from the cruise ship to the old port

Passengers are brought to land (pier at Skala) with tenders (small boats). By request, they can transfer the passengers to Athinios Ferry port.

The Cruise Port of Santorini

cruise ship santorini
Santorini Shuttle Boat to Skala
Panoramic View of the Cruise Port

At the Old Port (Skala Pier)

At this small harbour you will find Duty-free stores, restaurants, taverns and small shops where you can buy souvenirs or traditionsl local products.

From Skala, there are three ways to reach at the top of the cliff which is 260 metres above sea level,

  1. cable car (daily, 6.30am-10pm, every 20 mins, €5 / $6.90),
  2. mule ride (€8/$11.05), or a
  3. tough hike up 580 steps (following the same path as the mules).

Skala was an old port serving the Santorini before the bigger port of Anthinios took over. This old port became a tourist hub of sort, a small town of seaside cafés, boat rental agencies and trinket shops. During summer times, there are tours going to the nearby volcano and hot springs.

Cable car tickets and donkey ride prices are increasing in 2014.

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Cable Car - Teleferik - Funicular

Getting to the Cable car you need to walk up quite a few steps, the steps are low and long, but gradually get steeper. When reaching the Cable car, there are steps up to the station, then steep steps onto the cable car itself, so be warned.

The Funicular travels up the path and in three minutes time you are comfortable in the beautiful town of Fira, at an altitude of 220 metres. The journey itself only takes a couple of minutes. Be warned, if you haven't a head for heights this is not for you. The cars are quite tiny, and the descent is steep, but you will appreciate the views of the rock formations, and Fira, clinging to the edge of the cliffs.
Teleferik santorini funicular

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Port Authority

Santorini Port Authirity: Branch office
Tel.: +30 22860 22239
Fax: +30 22860 23778

Santorini Port Name:

The ferry port name of Santorini is Athinios. The Athinios port is where the ferries dock. The cruise ship port does not have a name, but it is known as old port, or skala.

Santorini Port Location

The port is located below Fira, the capital of Santorini Greece.

Real Time Map of cruise ships in Santorini

The map below is centered on the cruise port of Santorini (also called old port or Skala), below Fira. If you get lost simply refresh this page and the map will re - center itself onto the port.

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